MokiTag Card Wireless - Works with Apple Find My


Meet the MokiTag Card with wireless charging capabilities: the internal battery has a life-span between 3-5 months (depending on usage) and can be charged up to 300 times, ensuring prolonged usability.

MokiTag works with Apple Find My app to keep track of your belongings and valuables. Designed to be used with various items like keys, wallets, or bags, MokiTag works directly with Apple Find My and can track your valuables via your iPhone or iPad. By using the Find My app, users can pinpoint the location of their misplaced item, making it easy to recover.

MokiTag ensures that you never lose your valuables again. If you are within 20m of your MokiTag, you can send a sound alert, guiding you effortlessly to your misplaced item. Combine your MokiTag with any possessions or valuables for peace of mind. Look out for MokiTag accessories to help secure your MokiTag to items such as keys, luggage, and more.

Accessories sold separately.

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