SynCharge Cables

There is a Moki SynCharge Cable to suit Android phones, iDevices and portable devices, such as game controllers, wireless headphones and earphones, and more. Check out the Moki SynCharge Cable compatibility list to find out what cable suits your phone.

Our Moki SynCharge Cables are designed to be use with mobile phones that require low voltage. Always check your device to see what charging requirements it needs to prevent power overload, which can lead to damaging the cable or device.

Wireless Charging

Moki Wireless Chargers, including the ChargePad and ChargeStand range, are designed to work with Qi-compatible devices. Please check the Moki Wireless Charger compatibility list to see if you device is compatible.


rPET is the abbreviation used for recycled polyethylene tetraphyte (PET). PET is a common plastic resin, used in everything from food packaging to clothing. rPET means that the PET used in our Moki products come from a recycled, pre-existing source.

PET comes from crude oil, and the process of extracting that crude oil from the ground is very damaging for the environment.
rPETtakes plastic that has already been created, usually plastic bottles, and chops the bottles into tiny flakes. These flakes are then melted to separate the core PET ingredient inside of the bottle. This PET can then be used to make products such as our Moki rPET Backpacks and Notebook Satchels.

Not only is up to 50% less energy used than making PET from scratch, but by using existing bottles already created, it ensures these bottle don’t end up in landfill.

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